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Debt Busters: Managing Your Money in the Recession

Author(s): Eddie Hobbs

ISBN13: 9781856079808

ISBN10: 1856079805


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  • Since the publication in 2005 of Short Hands, Long Pockets, Eddie Hobbss bestselling guide to personal finance, the global and personal financial climate has changed almost beyond recognition and the cold winds of unmanageable debt, negative equity and redundancy now blow through many homes. Debt Busters is Eddies timely response to the recession.

    In this book he explains clearly and practically how to manage your spending and the money you owe - even if you feel overwhelmed by your level of indebtedness - and come out the other side in leaner and fitter financial shape.

    Topics covered include:
    - the big economic shift: how Ireland and the world went from easy credit to credit crunch
    - how to manage your money and your debts through the recession
    - how to take on the banking system with an insiders skill when youre in distressed debt and unable to meet repayments
    - how the Irish legal system deals with distressed debt
    - the best tactics for coping practically and psychologically with the stress caused by unemployment and reduced financial circumstances
    - money-saving tips to beat the recession
    - where you can go for help
  • Eddie Hobbs

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Debt Busters: Managing Your Money in the Recession