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Author(s): Stephen Hodge

ISBN13: 9780749922603

ISBN10: 0749922605

Publisher: Piatkus Books

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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls is a comprehensive guide to the meaning and significance of one of the most fascinating and controversial archaeological discoveries of the last century.

    - Provides an overview of the contents of the scrolls
    - Explores why the scrolls were written and when: are they from the time of Christ or are they copies of much older texts?
    - Explores the links between the ideas contained in the scrolls, orthodox Judaism and the origins of Christianity
    - Describes the excavations of the scrolls and what has been learnt about the religious community based at the site
    - Analyses the controversy surrounding access to, and publication of, the scrolls in their entirety
    - Features interviews with the major Dead Sea Scroll scholars and explains the key interpretations
    - Explores in detail the two most extraordinary documents in the collection: the War Scroll and the Temple Scroll, and analyses their descriptions of apocalypse and disaster
    - Reproduces key selected passages from the scrolls together with the different interpretations of them by scholars
    - Provides maps, diagrams and plates of the excavations and the scrolls themselves

  • Stephen Hodge

    Stephen Hodge is a researcher and writer who specialises in ancient religions and mythology. He graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and teaches at the University of London. He is the author of the Piatkus Guide to Tibetan Buddhism and the Piatkus Guide to Atlantis. He lives in London

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