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Day without Pain

Author(s): Mel Pohl

ISBN13: 9780979986956

ISBN10: 0979986958


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  • This country is facing an epidemic of chronic pain, dependence on painkillers, and in many cases addiction to prescription medication. More than 50 million people in the US suffer from long-lasting pain that persists for years. Government agencies report 22 percent of primary care patients report being in pain. 4.5 million patients die in pain each year, and pain is the most frequent reason Americans seek medical attention annually.

    This book is for anyone who is in pain or cares about someone who is in pain. It is for professionals who treat pain and for anyone who wants to know more about pain. In other words, it is a book for everyone. A Day without Pain offers a concise and thorough explanation for the mechanisms of pain, opioid use, addiction, and holistic solutions that bring relief from chronic pain. Contains over 30 pages of treatment alternatives and reviews methods used to treat pain in a comprehensive, holistic manner without the use of narcotic/opioid painkillers so that health and function can be restored.

  • Mel Pohl

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    As a physician who specializes in chronicpain management and addiction medicine and publishes and lectures extensively on the topic, as well as someone who suffers from chronic pain myself, I can say without equivocation that A Day without Pain is a must-read for pain patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. In his book, Dr. Mel Pohl captures the impact of pain on ones life. The book also shows that the right treatment at the right time for the right patient makes all the difference in the world. As Paracelsus (1493-1541,4D) stated, fill substances are poisons. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.Reading this book might be the remedy for some!"

    - Howard A. Heit, MD, FACP, FASAM Addiction and Chronic Pain Specialist


Day without Pain

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