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Dateable Rules

A Guide to the Sexes

ISBN13: 9780800759155

ISBN10: 080075915X


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  • Take Wild at Heart by John Eldredge and The Mystique of a Woman by Jean Lush and turn it into something that gets the attention of busy teens and you begin to understand The Dateable Rules. This interactive guide takes up where Dateable left off and walks teens through the Bibles insights about men and women. Guys will learn that God loves adventure and that theres a difference between a spiritual and a physical adventure. Theyll also learn how to be a gentleman (open her door and carry the box of leftovers from dinner, etc.) Girls will learn that beauty is defined by God, not supermodels, and that if they talk too much, they lose. They learn the secrets of staying confident and letting a guy lead. How It Works: Bible Study: a study that can be used by an individual couple or a whole youth group. Focus Group: a time when guys and girls get the lowdown on each others gender. Guys and girls or groups can talk about what they learned in the weeks study and discuss the truths of Scripture.
    Workbook: offers lots of things for readers to do, from writing down all the bad things they have said about another person and confessing them to God to going back to the point in time when their femininity or masculinity was squashed and allowing Jesus to redefine that moment. Each section is filled with interactive activities that help students better understand Gods plan for men and women. The Dateable Rules isnt about teens getting more dates; its about learning to understand the opposite sex and making good choices based on the truth!
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Dateable Rules

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