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Cultivating Hope: Weekly Readings to Open Your Mind and Heart

Author(s): Karen Casey

ISBN13: 9781592857364

ISBN10: 1592857361

Publisher: Hazelden Books

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  • Best-selling author Karen Casey offers a yearlong program to guide us in opening ourselves to the awesome power of hope.

    It is hope - the ability to push past fear and open our minds to new possibilitiesthat empowers us to bring about positive change in our lives. Yet, amid personal tragedy and world events, many of us struggle to sustain a sense of hope for tomorrow.

    In Cultivating Hope, spiritual leader and recovery expert Karen Casey reveals everyday ways that we can open our hearts and minds to the awesome power of hope. For each week of the year, she offers a guiding principle with an accompanying essay that can help each of us achieve inner peace. Themes include healing through the expression of love, gaining a fresh outlook by understanding our anger, and freeing ourselves of constraint by letting go of judgment.

    By allowing Caseys principles, insights, and personal stories to penetrate our thoughts and inform our habits, we gain the perspective and strength to turn away from fear and open ourselves and our communities to a future filled with potential and positive change.

  • Karen Casey

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    Cultivating Hope is a book that will be read and reread. Karen Casey touches that space in all of us that occasionally struggles to breathe more easily, to hope more assuredly.

    - Marianne Williamson, best-selling author of A Return to Love


Cultivating Hope: Weekly Readings to Open Your Mind and Heart

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