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Cross and the Switchblade

Author(s): Bruce Wilkenson

ISBN13: 9780310248293

ISBN10: 0310248299


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  • The tortured face of a young killer, one of seven boys on trial for a brutal murder, started country preacher David Wilkerson on his lonely crusade to the most dangerous streets in the world. Violent gangs ruled by warlords, drug pushers and pimps held the streets of New Yorks ghettoes in an iron grip. It was into this world that David Wilkerson stepped, armed only with the simple message of Gods love and the promise of the Holy Spirits power. Then the miracles began to happen...The Cross and the Switchblade is one of the most inspiring and challenging true stories of all time. It has sold millions of copies throughout the world and has been made into a feature film.

  • Bruce Wilkenson

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    Paul Michael recounts the lives of teenage gangs in New York City in the 60s. He has just the right amount of drama and inflection in his voice as he characterizes street kids who are addicted to drugs and crime. This is the true story of David Wilkerson, an Assemblies of God preacher who left a little country church to go to the streets of New York. There he faces life-threatening situations and hears heart-wrenching stories as he seeks to bring change into the lives of these kids through faith in God. The book tells the story of the beginning of Teen Challenge, a thriving ministry today. Paul Michael does an excellent job creating a believable drama of Gods work through the vision of just one man.

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Cross and the Switchblade