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Creative Love in Tough Times

Author(s): Andrew Clitherow

ISBN13: 9780281058853

ISBN10: 0281058857

Publisher: SPCK Publishing (5 Mar. 2007)

Extent: 192 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 12.9 x 1 x 19.8 cm

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  • Creative Love in Tough Times combines insights from Christian theology and spirituality, together with some socio-biology and science. Its aim is to look afresh at the problem of evil and suffering through the eyes of the individual who finds it difficult - or even impossible - to pray to a God of love in the presence of so much pain in the world.


    A good deal of up to date thinking about Jesus Christ is related back to biblical revelation and then put within our day to day experience.


    On occasions the text is critical of the way institutional Christianity has hindered rather than helped the growth of the individual in the discovery of 'life in all its fullness'. However, as the prayer of protest gives way to the idea of contemplative prayer, the reader is given ways to 'see' God in all things so that they may be able to conceive of, and even keep in touch with, the universal Christ.

  • Andrew Clitherow

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Creative Love in Tough Times

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