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Could It Be Dementia?

ISBN13: 9781854248251

ISBN10: 1854248251

Publisher: Monarch Publications

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  • This book puts dementia into a Christian context, insisting that loss of memory or reason does not mean a person is worthless.

    Dementia is in the headlines on a daily basis. Much information is available but it is all factual with no spiritual content. Yet for Christians, dementia can raise questions unlike any other condition. Why does a godly old man begin to use language that has always been anathema to him? Why does a loving mother become stubborn, and suspicious? Where is God in all of this?

    This book offers information and reassurance gleaned from the extensive experience of Pilgrim Homes, a network of nine Christian care homes and a foundation going back to 1807.
  • Louise Morse

    Roger Hitchings

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Could It Be Dementia?

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