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Coping with Radiotherapy

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ISBN13: 9780859699990

ISBN10: 0859699994

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • More than one in three people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives, and radiotherapy is the most widely used form of treatment for cancer. Yet, little is written about this treatment, and confusion abounds. People may not understand what the treatment does, or why they should have radiotherapy as opposed to other treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery. This book by an acclaimed cancer expert places radiotherapy within the context of overall cancer treatment. Quality of life is important in radiotherapy, and this book also looks at side effects, everyday life, social life, travel, and looks at exercise and diet that may be helpful.

    Topics include:
    Types of radiotherapy - external beam therapy, brachytherapy and radio-isotope therapy
    Special types of radiotherapy
    How it relates to other cancer treatments I.e. chemotherapy and surgery
    Follow-up and long-term prospects
    Clinical trials and research
    Living with radiotherapy, including side effects and quality of life
    Advice and support for families and friends

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Coping with Radiotherapy

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