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Coping with Hearing Loss

ISBN13: 9781847090027

ISBN10: 1847090028

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • Hearing loss is an all too common cause of emotional turmoil, and is on the increase, affecting people at ever younger ages. Communication is a large part of what the human being is all about, but the inability to hear and communicate effectively often leads to stress, low mood, reduced confidence, decreased self-esteem and feelings of isolation. In Coping with Hearing Loss, Christine Craggs-Hinton discusses:

    causes of hearing problems
    practical strategies for more effective communication
    hearing aids and audiology equipment, including cochlea implants
    hearing therapy, including detailed speechreading exercises
    tinnitus, why it occurs and how to reduce it
    complementary therapies

    If you feel alone with your problem, this is the book for you. Rest assured that much can be done to alleviate hearing loss, on both a practical and psychological level.

  • Christine Craggs Hinton

    Christine Craggs-Hinton is an established Sheldon author. She is the author of Living with Fibromyalgia, The Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet, Coping with Gout, and the ground-breaking How to Beat Pain: techniques that work, which introduces trigger point therapy.

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Coping with Hearing Loss

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