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Coping with Family Stress

Author(s): Peter Cheevers

ISBN13: 9781847090188

ISBN10: 1847090184

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • You can choose your friends, but you cant choose your family. We all have disagreements with relatives, but for some, family can persist into adulthood as a major source of stress.

    Family stress is more than the tense atmosphere at the annual Christmas gathering. It can be seen as the kind of stress we may all experience from the dynamics of being an adult within a wider family unit. This may mean coping with adults within the family system who are disruptive and dysfunctional, and who cause stress by their behaviour; outgrown roles and stereotypes established in childhood; or old rivalries, as well as current issues such as dealing with the family business or caring for an ageing parent.

    This book looks at how you can live at peace with siblings and parents in adult life. Topics include:
    How the family evolved
    What constitutes family stress and how we perceive it
    Family myths and stories
    Family businesses
    Deaths, funerals and wills
    Christmas, holidays, weekends
    Dealing with difficult and extra-difficult family members
    Re-building trust and family relationships
    Your social support system
    Lifestyle and stress management advice

  • Peter Cheevers

    Dr Peter Cheevers is a writer and academic. He is co-author of Coping with SAD, Sheldon Press. His research interests include the self, the subject, and the psychology of performance.

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Coping with Family Stress