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Coping With Burnout

Author(s): Donna Andronicos

ISBN13: 9781847090256

ISBN10: 1847090257

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • With the hectic pace of modern life today, we all feel tired at times, but, for some people, persistent exhaustion can dominate and limit their lives. Prevalence may vary according to occupation, but certain studies suggest that burnout affects from 22% of people in general, to a staggering 59% among medical workers; 30% is a figure commonly encountered. This book takes a holistic approach to overall energy and fatigue balance, how we may allow circumstances and people to affect this, how to identify drains on energy, and, most importantly, what we can do about it. The text , much broken up to allow for the short attention span of very tired people - includes detailed analysis of all these factors, with spaces for the reader to enter his or her own replies, the aim being to create a personal recovery plan which will also help prevent recurrence.

    Topics include:
    - how exhaustion sets in , the process
    - how we may sabotage our own needs
    - chemical abuse , i.e. dependence on stimulants such as coffee and sugar
    - energy vampires - people who sap your time and strength
    - energy-depleting behaviours (worrying, lying, getting angry, gossiping)
    - how to assess the return on your expended energy, including work and social life
    - three-fold energy - spiritual, psychological and physical

  • Donna Andronicos

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Coping With Burnout

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