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Contemplating Jesus Through the Eyes of Mary

Focolare Spirituality

ISBN13: 9781853907852

ISBN10: 1853907855

Publisher: Veritas Books

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  • In launching a Year of the Rosary, Pope John Paul II shared his own life-long experience of how much this prayer has meant to him. It has been his Davids catapult against the Goliath situations he has had to face. His re-launch of the Rosary is timely. Many wars across the globe remind us day be day that we need to pray for peace. Not only is the Rosary a prayer for peace, it is a guide to building peace. The five new mysteries of Light that John Paul II has added to the traditional set of Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries are all included in this book. It is among the first to be produced with these mysteries included.

    Contemplating Jesus through the Eyes of Mary is for individuals, groups, classes or families and includes all twenty mysteries of the rosary. Each chapter focuses on one of the mysteries, but is divided up into three parts: a short summary of the mystery, a brief and simply-written reflection, and an experience of everyday life from people who have lived that aspect of the mystery. Both for those who are familiar with this prayer, or for those who want to learn about it from scratch, this book will transform your way of saying the Rosary.

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    The subtitle to this booklet is a good description of its aim: Living the Rosary in the light of the Focolare Spirituality . Following on from the Holy Father s recent apostolic letter: Rosarium Virginis Mariae, this publication is produced to help transform the way people pray the Rosary. It has a section on each of the Mysteries: those of Joy, Light, Sorrow and Glory. They invite readers, whether they be individuals, families or groups, to go deeper into each mystery with the help of short meditations from Focolare foundress, Chiara Lubich, quotes from Scripture, a short summary of each mystery, simple reflections and a story from life experience from people who have lived some aspect of that mystery. Unfortunately, sometimes in the past the Rosary has ended up as something to be rattled off. Now, with his Letter on the Rosary, the Pope is reminding us that first and foremost it is a prayer that brings us to contemplate Jesus Christ through the eyes of Mary . Just as Mary brought Jesus Christ into the world, so we too can generate him in the world around us...It is the Gospel put into practice that matters. And this is what we contemplate in meditating the Rosary.

    - Link-Up, August 2003

    Inspired by the Year of the Rosary, this little booklet includes of course the five new Mysteries of Light. The Pope is seeking to promote the Rosary, and many individuals and groups will find the directions. The authors note that in the past the Rosary was often rattled off, how true of many schools that once was, but better perhaps than nothing but this booklet seems to make the devout pause and contemplate as they pray. The Focolare movement seeks to link the Gospel with life, and here each chapter begins with a brief meditation written by Chiara Lubich. Members of the movement together with Christians in other churches have already been inspired to bring, if not the Rosary itself, but the Spirit of the Rosary to as many as possible in and out of the Churches, promoting both prayer and peace.

    - The Irish Catholic, July 2003.


Contemplating Jesus Through the Eyes of Mary

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