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Consuming Fire: A Catholic's Guide to the Old Testament

Author(s): Michael W. Duggan

ISBN13: 9781592765973

ISBN10: 1592765971


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  • When we read the Hebrew Bible, we listen to a conversation that lasted more than a millennium.... The biblical conversation centers on essential themes of Gods revelation and the communitys response.... Each book sometimes each part of a book has its own voice. Just as a good listener respects the uniqueness of each speaker, so the good reader of the Bible discerns the unique contribution of each book or portion thereof.

    Join the conversation in this newly updated book from a Scripture scholar who deals with the Bibles complexities in clear, readable prose. The Consuming Fire will equip you to become an informed reader of the Bible, able to discern the unique contribution of each of the Old Testaments books to the dialogue.

    Each chapter opens with thoughtful reflections on issues of faith and life.
    A six-step analysis gives you immediate and guided access to the biblical text.
    Informative charts, maps, and bibliographies will enrich your learning experience.

    Michael Duggan has thoroughly revised this edition of The Consuming Fire, rewriting many chapters to reflect the best in contemporary scholarship, the direction of current Vatican documents, and respect for the Jewish heritage of the Bible. Each chapter includes a Meditative Reading, a feature that provides selected texts and questions to aid readers in prayerful reflection.
  • Michael W. Duggan

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    The Consuming Fire by Michael W. Duggan is an excellent overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing particularly the theological message of each book and providing a forward look to the New Testament at the end of each section.

    George T. Montague, S.M., Professor of Theology, St. Marys University, San Antonio, Texas

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Consuming Fire: A Catholic's Guide to the Old Testament

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