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Considering Counselling - The Person Centred Approach

Author(s): Ursula OFarrell

ISBN13: 9781853908408

ISBN10: 1853908401

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • Following on from the best selling First Steps in Counselling, Considering Counselling provides an introduction to the Person-Centred Approach, which was pioneered by Carl Rogers. It explains the basic theory and practice of this approach in a way that is readily accessible to the beginner. The precise meanings of terms like self-actualisation, core conditions and conditions of work are explained and then illustrated in practical terms by some fascinating case studies.

    Considering Counselling is aimed at students, potential clients and all those interested in counselling.

  • Ursula OFarrell

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    In the wake of the spiritual and psychological vacuum created by Church decline in Ireland, a whole new array of alternative there, there spiritualities and dubiously certified life coaches have rushed to fill the sense of spiritual emptiness. Many of these practitioners now openly describe this spiritual wilderness as a marketplace or industry in which they compete for clients and struggle to outdo each other in searching for creative feel-good slogans and often promise quick fixes for complex problems. Finding reliable sources of counselling in such an unrestricted and at times unscrupulous marketplace is not only desirable but essential. In a follow up to her best-selling First Steps in Counselling Ursula O Farrell in her new book Considering Counselling proves herself once more to be a wise guide in negotiating and demystifying the jargon associated with such therapy. Designed for students, practitioners and those simply interested in counselling this compact account of the person-centred approach pioneered by Carl Rogers (1902-87) includes a number of enlightening case histories as well as offering a basic and highly accessible account of its theory and practice. The final chapter on spirituality is particularly illuminating. The underlying premise that the counsellor s work is not to solve problems but rather facilitate individuals to grow and develop and the core conditions of Rogers empathy, acceptance and congruence acknowledge the dignity and autonomy of the person in a way that is consistent with the gospel perspective. This book could prove a helpful measure by which to assess some of the current fads in self-help spirituality as well as providing a springboard to self-development in itself. Highly recommended.

    - Intercom, March 2005

    Ursula O Farrell, a counsellor, has written a book that provides an introduction to the person-centred (PCA) approach to counselling, which was pioneered by Carl Rogers. However, this is not an attempt to justify the person-centred approach as Ursula O Farrell believes that the theory needs no defence. O Farrell points out that many books written about PCA presuppose quite a considerable knowledge of the basic theory and practice. These may not be readily accessible to beginners who are looking for an introduction to what PCA entails, from self-actualisation and the special client/ counsellor relationship, to the core conditions and conditions of worth. The author is aware that while the terms may be familiar, their precise meaning many be somewhat obscure. The book is a bid to distil the basic concepts into simple words without losing the integrity of the theory.

    - The Irish Examiner, October 2004

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Considering Counselling - The Person Centred Approach