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Consecrations, Blessings and Prayers

A Pastoral Companion to the Ritual and to the Book of Blessings

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ISBN13: 9781853113673

ISBN10: 9781853113673


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  • What do you say when you are asked to bless a couple getting engaged, or a car, or a flag or a business meeting or a prisoner newly arrived in prison? Where do you turn for help when you are asked to pray at the death bed of someone with no religious belief or for someone with a mental illness or for an adopted child? This comprehensive collection of pastoral liturgies will be a boon to every priest and lay person who serves in the pastoral ministry. It offers ready made liturgies for hundreds of occasions and includes consecrations for items set apart for holy use; blessings for personal, family, church and civic occasions; blessings of objects and blessings for the Churchs year.

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Consecrations, Blessings and Prayers

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