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Companion to the Book of Revelation

Author(s): Stratford Caldecott

ISBN13: 9781860825019


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  • A guide to one of the most difficult but most rewarding books of the Bible

    The last book of the Bible can also be the most intimidating and the hardest to understand. Its wide use of obscure symbols, strange numbers and bizarre imagery can leave readers perplexed and bemused. This booklet explains the tradition from which the book of Revelation developed and outlines the structure of the book and the meanings behind the numbers and images. With a basic understanding of the more difficult parts, one can go on to enjoy and benefit from the beauty and poetry of this extraordinary book inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  • Stratford Caldecott

    Stratford Caldecott (MA, University of Oxford) serves as the editor of Second Spring, a Catholic publication devoted to theological reflection and cultural analysis. A member of the editorial board of Communio, he is well-known for his books on the sacraments, on the liturgical movement, and on the writer J. R. R. Tolkien. Caldecott directs the Centre for Faith and Culture in Oxford for the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts and is an editor of the college press. He lives in Oxford, England, with his wife, writer Leonie Caldecott.

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Companion to the Book of Revelation

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