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Code Name God

Author(s): Mani Bhaumik

ISBN13: 9780824525194

ISBN10: 0824525191

Publisher: Veritas

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  • This L. A. Times bestseller is the odyssey of a scientist who achieved the impossible dream in America and traveled the path towards renewed spirituality, while anchoring his faith in science. Code Name God by Dr. MANI BHAUMIK chronicles the remarkable and inspirational story of the internationally recognized co-inventor of the laser technology that made LASIK eye surgery possible. More significantly, this is a book for everyone who wants to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Code Name God is the tollbooth on the road to the journey of life and how it really works.

    Dr. Bhaumik offers a sketch of his own unbelievable life to confirm that quantum leaps do happen. He lived through a Tsunami-like tidal wave, saw his village wiped out with three million people dying in its aftermath. He never owned a pair of shoes until he was sixteen and he landed in Los Angeles with a mere three dollars in his pocket. From his impoverished childhood in his native India, he went on to be featured in The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, to the hallowed halls of science and academia in America, and to parties with presidents and celebrities. He eventually experienced an enormous emptiness of existence before returning to his spiritual roots and came to the realization that "happiness is an inside job."

    Code Name God confirms that transcending all theologies and denominations, humankind has had a conviction of a creator divinity. Having brought the universe into existence, it remains present throughout, unfolding the ongoing creation. People seem to have always accepted that the Creator will never be revealed to us empirically. Dr Bhaumik finds remarkable support from science for the one source of religion. He portrays our objective knowledge of an abstract entity that permeates the entire universe. He also argues why an inseparable association of that universal entity with consciousness appears credible and why it would be logical to infer that the one source of the worlds great spiritual traditions is grounded in scientific reality. Code Name God illustrates for general readers the particulars of these profound new discoveries of science.

  • Mani Bhaumik

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    Code Name God is an eye opener for young and old..into the rich life beyond the American Dream.
    - Sujeet Rajan, Indian Express

    "Mani Bhaumik offers us his scientific genius in order to present a compelling new argument for mysticism and faith."
    - Paula DArcy, author of Sacred Threshold and A New Set of Eyes

    "The authors personal find common ground between.. Spirituality and ..Science is eloquently told and makes for fascinating reading."
    - Fritjof Capra, author of the best selling The Tao of Physics

    "The merging of matter and spirit.. might facilitate a much needed evolutionary step forward in our capacity to.. be fair."
    - Laura (Mrs. Aldous) Huxley, Founder of Children: Our Ultimate Investment.

    "This book may change your life."
    - Sidney Sheldon, an Oscar and Tony award winning author with 300 million books in print.

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Code Name God

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