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Classroom Warm-Ups

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  • These quick, easy, ready-to-use icebreakers help teachers build a comfortable and confident learning environment for their students. Once the environment is made comfortable, students are more receptive to learning, and learning becomes a more positive experience. And the teacher gains more control over the classroom. These activities wont take away from classroom time because they are designed to be quick , leaving plenty of time for the actual curriculum. Suitable for use in public or private schools, or for any group work with young people.

  • Deborah Wright

    Deborah Wright teaches English and journalism at Apollo-Ridge High School in Spring Church, Penn. She received her undergraduate degree in education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has done graduate work at Penn State University.The authors have been collaborating for several years on workshops and other activities that promote student-centered discussion.

    Linda Lee Shoop

    Dr. Linda Lee Shoop is associate professor of educational psychology and special education at Penn State University. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia, she has also taught in elementary schools and directed a co-op care center. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, her master’s degreee in counseling from the University of Kentucky and her doctorate in educational psychology from Ball State University.

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    'At last, a book that is teacher- and student-friendly. Classroom Warm-Ups has strategies for reducing tension, problem solving and resolving conflict. Give yourself a daily dose of ideas from this book. It will help you work smarter, not harder.'

    - Pamela Weinberg, author of You and Your Childs Teacher, Family Literacy and the School and Your Home Is a Learning Place.

    'These warm-up activities provide interactive and collaborative learning experiences that place responsibility squarely where it belongs: on the student. They also make much of what takes place in the classroom relevant to the most important people in the room: again, the students.'

    - David Ciafre, guidance department chair, Sharon High School, Sharon, Pa.

    'Shoop and Wrights strategies actively engage individuals in the learning process. Students are challenged to take responsibility for their own learning as they personally reflect on their responsibility to the community within the classroom.'

    - Marc Dobbs, guidance counselor, Lower Macungie Middle School, Macungie, Pa.

    'Various activities in this excellent work have provided me with many ideas that I have used with nine-year-olds and senior scouts, as well as my 12th-grade advanced placement English students. I strongly endorse Classroom Warm-Ups.'

    - Carolyn M. Ferrence, English teacher, Girl Scout leader, religion instructor

    'As a health educator, I understand the biological, psychological and sociological effects of stress on our bodies. Classroom Warm-Ups introduces important skill-building techniques that help teachers and students maximize their performance in the classroom. When students participate in classroom exercises, they practice stress-management skills that divert negative energy into positive activities. When teachers incorporate physical activity into their daily lesson plans, it invigorates the body and mind, preparing students to receive and process complex learning tasks.'

    - Arlene E. Hall, assistant professor, College of Health and Human Development, Penn State University


Classroom Warm-Ups

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