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City of God Cd

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  • The long-awaited sequel to his best-selling Table of Plenty!

    Anchored by the title track Dan Schuttes classic based on Isaiah 9:60 this beautifully recorded compilation features 12 of the most popular songs for worship written in the last 30 years.

    Newly arranged for this project and enhanced with key modulations, expansive pop and classical vocal overlays, and intricate acoustic and electric guitar accompaniment, these songs sound better than ever. Highlights include Bernadette Farrells "God beyond All Names," Bob Duffords "Sing to the Mountains," and Tom Booths "Here I Am."

    John Michael and his fellow musicians clearly had fun with this project. "I always enjoy pulling out the steel string," John Michael commented, "to add to my more traditional classical playing. I thoroughly enjoyed using the vintage electric guitars myself, and calling in some of the finest session players as well." Veteran orchestrator and producer Phil Perkins contributed lush orchestral arrangements.

    "Through all this we hope that we have worked together to produce a rich project that will reach meaningfully into the hearts of those who heard these songs at important points in their spiritual journey," adds John Michael. "City of God contains songs with this timeless quality. It was a pleasure and an honor to set these songs to music." And it is our pleasure to hear them.


    1. City Of God listen
    2. Earthen Vessels listen
    3. Blest Be The Lord listen
    4. Abba Father listen
    5. God Beyond All Names listen
    6. For You Are My God listen
    7. Gift Of Finest Wheat listen
    8. Here I Am listen
    9. Hosea listen
    10. Shepherd Me, O God listen
    11. Sing To The Mountains listen
    12. We Remember

  • John Michael Talbot

    John Michael Talbot, the bestselling author of the spiritual classic The Lessons of St. Francis, is one of the founding fathers of contemporary Christian music, with multiplatinum sales. He has received, among other honours, Dove and Grammy Awards. He is the host of the inspirational television programme All Things Are Possible. He tours constantly, headlining over 150 ministries per year. He is the founder of an integrated monastic community, the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.

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City of God Cd

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