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Christian Belief

The New Lion Handbook

Author(s): Alister McGrath

ISBN13: 9780745951553

ISBN10: 0745951554


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  • How have Christians come to believe what they do? Today, in our increasingly secularized generation, there is a greater need than ever before for clear explanation of the unique features of Christian belief. "The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief" sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. This major work has now been fully revised, restructured, redesigned and rewritten by a new international team of contributors - with all these revisions carried out with the needs and interests of a new generation of readers in mind. Consultant Editors: Professor James Packer (Vancouver, Canada); Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells (Cambridge, England); Professor Stephen Noll (Uganda); Professor Atsuyoshi Fujiwara (Tokyo, Japan); Professor Carver T. Yu (Hong Kong); Dr Rolf Hille (Tubingen, Germany).

  • Alister McGrath

    Alister McGrath is Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, and Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at Kings College London. He is a prolific author noted for his ability to explore and express complex ideas in simple terms. His three most recent books for SPCK are Mere Christianity, Heresy and, with Joanna Collicutt McGrath, the international bestseller, The Dawkins Delusion?

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Christian Belief

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