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Christ, the Ideal of the Priest

ISBN13: 9780852446577

ISBN10: 0852446578

Publisher: GRACEWING

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  • The highly acclaimed spiritual writer, Blessed Columba Marmion, wrote this classic work on the priesthood to show the great holiness that priests are called to , and how that holiness can only be attained through close union with , and imitation of, Jesus Christ. While aimed at the clergy, this profound spiritual work will also be of immense inspiration for laity in coming to a deeper understanding of the true nature and calling of the priesthood. Echoing the thought and writing of St Paul, Marmion stresses that the priestly life must be dominated by Christ and in constant dependence on His merits, His grace and His activity in the soul of the priest. In this perspective, the dignity of the priesthood and the work of the priests santification are understood. In all his actions, in the sacred acts of worship, the adminstration of the sacraments, private prayer and devotions, and serving the various needs of his flock, Marmion says the priest must always see himself as the minister of the Saviour, as Alter Christus. Blessed Columba Marmion was a Benedictine priest in the first half of the twentieth century who wrote several works that are considered spiritual classics, most notably his book Christ the life of the Soul, also published by Gracewing in a new translation by Alan Bancroft
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Christ, the Ideal of the Priest

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