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Christ is the Question

Author(s): Wayne Meeks

ISBN13: 9780664229627

ISBN10: 066422962X

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • In this series of reflections on the mystery of Jesus and the questions that surround him, noted New Testament scholar Wayne Meeks redirects the course of the Jesus debates. Insisting that we cease focusing on who the historical Jesus was and ask instead "Who is Christ?" Meeks demonstrates with electric and lucid prose that Jesus is not a permanent artifact whose precise nature can be traced back through history but, rather, a figure whose identity continues to emerge as contemporary persons engage him in their daily lives.

  • Wayne Meeks

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    Who is Christ? and "Which Jesus does he represent?" are two of the questions early- Christian historian Meeks asks in this slim, provocative volume. In contemporary culture, so many images of Jesusgentle Jesus; "touchdown" Jesus; blond, blue-eyed Jesus; black Jesus; athletic Jesus; feminist Jesusabound that Jesus seemingly can mean anything to anybody. Meeks explores the origins of the historical Jesus; examines the great interpreter of Jesus, the apostle Paul; and questions biblical interpretation. Like the image of Jesus, the Bible itself isnt undisputed or indisputable, Meeks argues, pointing to gray areas that help make the Bible so vital and complex. He also examines the nature of personal identity and comments on what he considers the bizarre discussion of religion in popular culture that is perhaps best exemplified by the Left Behind novels, which allow little room for nuance and subtlety. To Meeks, the making of Jesus was an interpretative process on the part of those who followed him and continued to convey his message through the ages.

    - June Sawyers, Booklist


Christ is the Question

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