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Christ in Practice

A Christology of Everyday Life

Author(s): Clive Marsh

ISBN13: 9780232525410

ISBN10: 0232525412

Publisher: DARTON LONGMAN & TODD LTD (15 April 2006)

Extent: 184 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 14 x 1 x 21.6 cm

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  • Who is Christ for Us Today?

    In 1944, Dietrich Bonhoeffer asked Who is Christ for us today? In this theologically informed and very practical exploration of what it means to live in Christ, Clive Marsh seeks to answer Bonhoeffers question in a way that is appropriate for the 21st Century.

    Christ in Practice refuses to locate Christ solely in the Church, but finds him in the midst of contemporary life, especially in the complex ethical challenges of daily living. Clive Marsh considers how Christ is present today, and invites us to reflect on how communal human interaction can be informed and transformed through attempting to understand this question. In the process, he considers how Christ and the Church relate today, highlighting the decisive role to be played by the Church in society, and the humility with which it needs to fulfil its task.

    Clive Marsh argues that the point of Christology (and of Christianity itself) is not to interpret Christ but to live within Christ, and to do so without being consumed by Church. It is a passionate plea for Christians to remain faithful to a commitment to Christ as present and active in the world.

  • Clive Marsh

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Christ in Practice