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Choosing A School: A guide to Second Level Education in Ireland

ISBN13: 18 1856355306

ISBN10: 18 1856355306


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  • School plays a significant formative role in the childs life, second only to home/family life. Schools are not only sites for academic and sporting activity: they are also places where friendships are made, values are transmitted, and pupils experience success. Can the school provide an ordered, safe environment, where the child is encouraged and supported, talents are nurtured, and achievement is praised? Just as it is important for parents to know something about the schools that they are considering for their child, it is equally important that parents know the child for whom they are making decisions. Many parents say that they choose a school for their child on the basis of the schools reputation. In relying on hearsay and grapevine knowledge, parents run the risk of hearing inaccurate or even conflicting descriptions of schools. So, having looked at the schools in your area, how do you go about choosing the best one for your children?
  • Catherine Kilbride

    Deirdre Raftery

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Choosing A School: A guide to Second Level Education in Ireland

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