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Choice Theory in the Classroom

Author(s): William Glasser

ISBN13: 9780060952877

ISBN10: 0060952873


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  • Argues that schools, and children, can only be saved by radically retooling teaching methods. Based on his work on choice theory, this work offers teaching techniques which emphasize co-operation and creativity. It provides ideas for improving the success of teachers and the enthusiasm of students.
  • William Glasser

    SWilliam Glasser, M.D., is a world-renowned psychiatrist who lectures widely. His numerous books have sold 1.7 million copies, and he has trained thousands of counselors in his Choice Theory and Reality Therapy approaches. He is also the president of the William Glasser Institute in Los Angeles. Carleen Glasser, M.A., is a senior instructor at the William Glasser Institute and the author of two books for children.

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Choice Theory in the Classroom

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