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The Human Voice of the Holy Bible

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9781846943560

ISBN10: 1846943566

Publisher: Cassells / Orca Book Services

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  • Charis forms a humanistic account of the Christian bible and its traditions, consistent with the theological content of the bible, and its historical locations. Written as a sequence of four testaments, Charis unravels the human motivations that lay behind the biblical texts. The Tribe considers the relationship between the physical, political and social location of the Jews 3000 years ago, and the beliefs and scriptures that these inspired in the Old Testament. The Soul explores the evolution of early Christianity, a spiritualised version of Judaism, forged by Roman oppression, influenced by Greek philosophy, with Jesus and Paul allegories of the new faith and its evangelism. The State examines the genius of political leadership behind Catholicism, with its shrewd combination of Christianity, Judaism and Roman paganism designed to install religious conformity and political control across Europe. The Individual King considers the more recent separation of religion from politics and the reaction of individuals to their new found religious freedom. Charis is thought provoking throughout, challenging the believer and atheist alike.

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