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Celtic Wisdom

Author(s): Cindy Thomson

ISBN13: 9780745953250

ISBN10: 0745953255


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  • A bevy of classic Celtic wisdom that reveals the authentic core of Celtic spirituality is gathered in this inspirational anthology. A background on the history of Ireland as well as St. Patrick, Brigid, and the Twelve Apostles of Erin is provided along with sayings, stories, prayers, and proverbs that reveal the traditions and customs of Celtic prayer and learning. Beautifully illustrated with evocative images of Ireland, this is an intimate guide to putting the ancient wisdom of the Celts into practice.

  • Cindy Thomson

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    While I am deeply suspicious of all books with Celtic tagged onto them (they all too often consist of New Age nonsense), this little book is a beautiful presented but brief account of the saints of what we should more properly call Early Christian Ireland, such as Patrick, Brigid and Columcille, along with brief accounts of the learning and prayers of the era. Many will find this a delightful little introduction to what is a great and often remote period of our history, yet one which speaks to us with a very personal voice and an inspired spirituality.

    Here is one prayer in the words of A P Graves:

    Jesu, from today
    Guide us on our way,
    So shall we no moment wasting,
    Follow Thee with holy hasting.
    Led by Thy dear Hand
    To the Blessed land.

    - The Irish Catholic


Celtic Wisdom

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