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Celtic Prayers & Reflections

Author(s): Jenny Child

ISBN13: 9781856075923

ISBN10: 1856075923


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  • In his foreword, David Adam writes: Here are prayers from the heart and the hearth. In the great tradition of Celtic prayers these are very much prayers and reflections from the ordinary daily round and from the home. There are uplifting moments and anxious moments, there are inspirational times and times of sorrow and repentance. Some prayers read like hymns, and could easily be sung, others search the heights and depths of our faith. In all we are allowed to share in the daily experiences that lead Jenny Child to be aware of her God.

    Inspired by her visits to the holy isle of Lindisfarne and a developing interest in Celtic spirituality, Jenny offers morning prayers, prayers during the day, night prayers and prayers for special intentions. There are prayers around the Eucharist and around creation and the book ends with a collection of Blessings.

  • Jenny Child

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  • Morning prayers

    A New day
    As I wake from sleep, rouse me,
    As I wash, cleanse me,
    As I dress, gird me with your power,
    As I eat, energise me,
    As I journey, protect me,
    As I relax, calm me,
    As I sleep, surround me.

    Morning mist
    As the morning mist shrouds the river
    and is then lifted by the gentle rays of the rising sun,
    so may our clouded spirits be raised
    by the warmth of your love.

    This day and every Day
    I arise today
    in your strength to uplift me,
    in your power to direct me,
    in your love to enfold me,
    in your wisdom to guide me,
    in your way to lead me
    this day and every day.

    A new day
    King of brightness,
    you turn darkness into light
    and open the shutters on a new day.
    You refresh our bodies with sleep
    and waken us to face
    the challenges of a new dawn.
    Help us to live this day to your glory.

    Prayers during the day

    A retreat
    Lord, I want to be an island
    cut off by the tide,
    or a castle with a moat
    and drawbridge lifted high.

    Lord, I want to shut myself away
    from the stress of daily life,
    and spend some time in pastures green,
    far from the toil and strife.

    But, you call me to be open
    to all this days demands
    and leave whateer the future holds
    entirely in your hands.

    Enfolding love
    God the Father,
    enfold us with your love;
    God the Son,
    surround us with your presence;
    God the Spirit,
    revitalise us with your power.
    Surround, enfold, revitalise us
    each day, each night.

    Through the day
    As the sun scatters the mist
    at the dawning of a new day,
    So you calm our fears and anxieties
    if we trust you.
    You give us strength and courage
    to live our daily lives
    knowing you are with us
    and we do not walk alone.
    As the midday sun warms us,
    we feel your protecting arms around us
    and sense your loving presence.
    As the sun sinks in a kaleidoscope of colour
    you give us hope and renewal.

    From day to day
    From the dawning of the day through the morning,
    guide us,
    from the noontide to the setting of the sun,
    lead us,
    from the evening till we sleep,
    keep us,
    through the night till daybreak,
    protect us,
    and all for your loves sake.

    Lord of the day
    Lord of the sunrise,
    we give thanks for the birth of each child,
    for the freshly opening rose,
    for all newborn animals.

    Lord of the morning,
    we give thanks for energy and enthusiasm,
    for the challenges of a new day,
    for your Resurrection power.

    Lord of the noonday,
    we give thanks for the ability to work,
    for all we can achieve,
    for unrealised potential.

    Lord of the sunset,
    we give thanks for those who have died
    in the faith of Christ,
    for all who have inspired us, for our loved ones.

    Lord of the night,
    we give thanks for rest and refreshment,
    for all your love and care,
    for the promise of a new day.

    Comings and goings
    In our coming and going,
    guide us,
    in our living and our being,
    protect us,
    in our seeing and our hearing,
    enrich us,
    in our thinking and our speaking,
    inspire us,
    in our arriving and our departing,
    preserve us.

    Be with us
    Be with us, Lord,
    in our working and our resting,
    in our laughing and our crying,
    in our eating and our fasting,
    in our travelling and our staying.
    Abide with us, each day, each night.

    Christ above me
    Christ above me,
    Christ before me,
    Christ behind me,
    Christ around me,
    this day, this night,
    each day, each night.

    Night prayers

    From darkness to light
    From the darkness of night,
    you wake us,
    from the mire of sin,
    you save us,
    into your image,
    you make us.

    Night prayer
    I will lay down and rest
    in your safety,
    your angels surrounding me,
    your love enfolding me,
    your Spirit guarding me,
    this night and every night.

    Guard and protect us
    Lighten our darkness this night, O God
    and protect us with your presence;
    guard us with your holy angels
    and keep us from all that is evil.

    God of light
    God of light,
    you illuminate the night
    with the radiance
    of your presence.
    Be with those who suffer pain
    in the silent hours of darkness.
    Comfort the dying and those
    who watch with them.
    Stay the hands of those
    who are bent on evil deeds.
    Give refreshing rest to those
    who toss and turn in sleeplessness,
    and give peace to your world.

    Stay with us
    Stay with us, Lord, for the night falls
    and we need your presence to gladden our hearts.
    May we know you in your word
    and in the breaking of bread and
    the sharing of wine,
    as did your Emmaus-bound disciples.
    Help us to lie down in peace and sleep,
    secure in your care.

    Circle me
    Circle me this night
    with your protection, O God.
    May Christ the Saviour
    surround me with his presence.
    May the Holy Spirit
    guard me while I sleep.
    And may your holy angels
    keep watch over me.

    Into your hands
    Into your hands, I commit myself this night.
    May the hours of darkness hold no harm for me.
    Keep me as the apple of your eye
    and cover me with your protecting wings.

    For slumber
    you bring down the curtain of night on a weary world.
    Help us to commit our unfinished tasks into your hands
    and lay our burdens at your feet.
    Grant us refreshing sleep
    that we may rise in the power of Christ,
    to greet another day.

    The chalice of grief
    Draw near to those, O Man of Sorrows,
    who drink from the chalice of grief this night.
    You who knelt in agonised prayer
    in the garden of Gethsemane,
    know the pain of human loss
    and the anguish of sorrow.

    Occasional prayers

    From beginning to end
    From the rising of the sun to its setting,
    you guide us,
    from our birth to our death,
    you lead us,
    in our grief and in our sorrow,
    you comfort us,
    in our joy and celebration,
    you uplift us,
    from the beginning of our lives to their ending,
    you encompass us with love.

    A touch of glory
    Lord, touch our lives with your glory
    that we may reach out to others.
    Fill our hearts with your love
    that all may see the love of Christ.
    Inspire us to dare new things for you
    that we may encourage those without hope,
    Open our lives to your Spirit
    that we may reflect your praise.

    The seasons of our lives
    Creator God, in the springtime of our lives,
    you give us the enthusiasm and daring of youth.
    In the summer of our lives,
    you encourage us to reach our full potential.
    In the autumn of our lives,
    you walk beside us as we reflect on years gone by
    In the winter of our lives,
    you enfold us in your love which will never let us go.
    When the seasons of our lives are past,
    you clothe us with resurrection bodies
    which will live forever.

    To show people Jesus
    By my words may I show people Jesus,
    by my thoughts may I show people Jesus,
    by my actions may I show people Jesus,
    by my life may I show people Jesus.

    Reflected glory
    Lord, as the sunrise colours the sky,
    from palest hue to dazzling gold,
    help us to reflect your glory in our lives
    that others may be drawn to the light of Christ.

    A shepherds care
    Loving Shepherd, you lead us
    and go before us, guiding us.
    You carry us on your shoulders
    through the rough places of life.
    You refresh us and let us rest
    in lush green pastures.
    You surround us with
    the shepherds tender care.
    You comfort us when
    we are hurting.
    You hold us and love us,
    because you are the Good Shepherd.

    Lifes tapestry
    From the tangle of our lives,
    you can weave the perfect tapestry
    of our joys and sorrows,
    our successes and failures,
    our achievements and unfulfilled dreams.

    Lifelong praise
    In the rising and the setting of the sun,
    may we praise you.
    In the waxing and the waning of the moon,
    may we praise you.
    In the ebbing and the flowing of the tide,
    may we praise you,
    In the beginning and the ending of our lives,
    may we praise you.

    As I travel the road of life,
    Shepherd-King walk beside me.
    As I fall into pot-holes,
    Shepherd-King raise me.
    As I baulk at the rough places,
    Shepherd-King encourage me.
    As I wander away from you,
    Shepherd-King lead me.
    As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    Shepherd-King surround me.

    Christ in everything
    Christ in my being,
    Christ in my sleeping,
    Christ in my rising,
    Christ in my travelling,
    Christ in my living,
    Christ in my dying.

    God in all
    God in my waking,
    God in my sleeping,
    God in my rising,
    God in my resting,
    God in my walking,
    God in my sitting,
    God in my living,
    God in my dying.

    As I journey
    Bless me as I journey on,
    Fill my heart, 0 Lord, with song
    As I walk the way along,
    Save my soul from sin and wrong.

    All our life
    In our waking, be blessing us,
    in our journeying, be keeping us,
    in our working, be helping us,
    in our sleeping, be watching us,
    in our living, be guiding us,
    in our dying, be receiving us.

    The fragility of life
    How fragile life is -
    easily snuffed out
    like a candle in the wind -
    fleeting, its end unknowable.
    Help us to value our lives
    and use our time wisely -
    and to your glory.

    Death comes
    Death comes silently -
    slowly for some
    with sudden swiftness for others,
    yet unavoidable - certain.
    However long or short
    our span of life,
    the last great enemy,
    yet conquered by your Resurrection.
    Lord, teach us to number our days
    and so apply our hearts to wisdom.

    For patience

    Give me patience
    Give me patience, Lord,
    to listen to your voice,
    to wait for you to act.
    Save me from impatience
    and from wanting to run ahead
    of your timing for me.

    More like Jesus
    Lord, help me to have more patience,
    less prone to get hurt and vexed,
    more willing to be kind and thoughtful,
    less ready to be so perplexed.

    Less harsh in my judgement of others
    to see them as children of God,
    less ready to seek to be noticed,
    more humble like Jesus, my Lord.

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Celtic Prayers & Reflections

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