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Celebrating Community

The Lee Abbey Movement

ISBN13: 9780232526592

ISBN10: 0232526591


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  • Celebrating Community traces the history of Lee Abbey, a community founded in Devon in 1946. Now a nationawide movement, the communitys mission and calling is to share Christ through relationships, through practising community living, reaching out ot others, playing a distincting part in renewing and serving the church, and developing a deeper relationship with God. What do we mean when we speak of community? For Christians, community is not an optional extra but Gods intention for his people. It isnt just a new buzz word, or a good strategy for church growth or a new way of doing Church, although it may be all of those things. Community begins in the heart and very nature of God, in the three persons of the Trinity relating to each other, and calling us into relationship. It lies at the centre of what we are seeking to do when we come together as church. But community living is not necessarily easy; it can be a costly adventure. Here, past and present members of the Lee Abbey network share their experiences of the realities of community life - its joys and challenges. Their stories show us in practical and real ways how community living, with all its risks, can truly be Gods gift to todays world.
  • Chris Edmondson

    Emma Ineson

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Celebrating Community

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