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Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins

Author(s): Thomas Crean

ISBN13: 9781871217704

ISBN10: 1871217709


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  • The best-selling biologist Richard Dawkins has written that belief in God is not only a delusion, but also that religion actually has a harmful influence on society.
    In this new book Thomas Crean OP tackles Dawkins head on, explaining the straightforward rational arguments which lead Christians to believe in God, in miracles, and in the authority of Scripture. He also explains why religion really is necessary if morality is to be regarded as more than
    merely what seems right in the opinion of each individual.

    The arguments offered by the author are profound, and rooted in the tradition of the Church, but are expounded clearly and lucidly for the ordinary reader. By showing that Dawkins criticisms are founded on
    misunderstandings, superficial readings, a lack of historical awareness, and not a little prejudice, Crean reveals the Professor to be a writer well out of his philosophical depth.

  • Thomas Crean

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Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins

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