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Cardinal Newman: The Story of a Miracle


Author(s): Peter Jennings

ISBN13: 9781860825200

ISBN10: 1860825206


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  • Detailed and inspiring story of Jack Sullivan, who was cured by the intercession of Cardinal Newman.

    The fascinating story of Jack Sullivan, a Boston lawyer and magistrate, who was cured from illness after praying to Newman. It was this miracle that led to the approval for Newmans beatification.

  • Peter Jennings

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    In the next few months, we can expect increasing attention to be paid to John Henry Newman.

    Of special interest to many will be the personal account of his miraculous cure by Permanent Deacon Jack Sullivan, which the Catholic Truth Society is publishing at what one can only call a minimum price.

    Jack Sullivan is a lawyer, from Marshfield near Boston, Massachusetts and brings his own experience of dealing with the exact truth to his short account of the curing of the spinal disorder that crippled him, though it runs only to 64 pages.

    The author of the booklet is Peter Jennings, press secretary to the Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory for the Cause of the Beatification and Canonisation of the Venerable John Henry Newman.

    Jack Sullivan will be visiting England in November, so we will be hearing more about him soon. Having a lifelong devotion to Newman, he will be visiting all the places associated with the cardinal.

    He relates in the booklet his own account of his cure, a miraculous event that opened the way to the beatification and eventual canonisation of Newman. I suspect that over the period leading up to the Popes visit to these islands, this will be a bestselling title for the increasingly vigorous CTS.

    This booklet is one of a series which the CTS are publishing to mark the Beatification of John Henry Newman. But this step will not be the last one.

    Already, the case of a 17-year-old in New Hampshire, America, who recovered from severe head injuries after praying to Cardinal Newman, is under consideration. If approved, the case may provide the final miracle need for canonisation.

    - Mary Litton, The Irish Catholic, Oct 2009


Cardinal Newman: The Story of a Miracle