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Cancer Survivors Handbook

Author(s): Terry Priestman

ISBN13: 9781847090485

ISBN10: 1847090486

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • The Cancer Survivors Handbook is for people who have finished with active cancer treatment as such and are now preparing to start living normally again, facing up to existing relationships, work concerns, money worries and relationships. This can be an exciting as well as an anxious time. People now have the chance to look at how they want to live in the future. They may want to do things theyve often thought about but never done, perhaps visit places theyve always dreamed about, or enrich personal relationships.
    This book explores some of the concerns, both practical and emotional, which often arise when a person with cancer has officially finished treatment and is faced with picking up the pieces of their lives again.

  • Terry Priestman

    Terry Priestman is Honorary Consultant Clinical Oncologist at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, UK, and author of the best-selling Coping with Chemotherapy, Coping with Radiotherapy, and Coping with Breast Cancer (all Sheldon Press).

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Cancer Survivors Handbook

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