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Calm Reflection

The Therapy Room

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  • Whether you prefer to recline in your favourite armchair at the end of the day, spend a blissful hour in the bathtub, meditate or treat yourself to a massage, Stuart Jones' playing of the profoundly peaceful sounds of keyboards, flute and guitar will help create a stress-free sanctuary in which you can relax, unwind and recover, each and every day.


    In the treatment room the softly healing properties of this music help create an atmosphere of rest and repose, assisting in stress-relief and slowing the body's natural rhythms down to the ideal state in which healing and renewal can occur.


    Perfect for:- remedial and relaxation massage, a wide range of holistic/natural healing therapies and salon/spa treatments. All Therapy Room titles are suitable for both professional therapists and individuals seeking music to aid and assist their own relaxation, meditation and stress-relief.


    1. Pathway Through Life 09:09

    2. Gentle as the Breeze 07:44

    3. The River's Journey 07:14

    4. Calm Reflection 08:49

    5. Total Freedom 07:47

    6. Raindrops into Rivers 06:22

    7. Rays of Hope 06:18A

    8. Beautiful Place 07:18

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Calm Reflection

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