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By Way of the Heart

Author(s): Noreen Cannon, Wilkie Au

ISBN13: 9780809131181

ISBN10: 0809131188


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  • By Way of the Heart comes from the pen of an experienced master. Anyone who reads it will find a sure guide along a path that leads to wholeness, enlightenment and to God. - William Johnston, S.J.
  • Noreen Cannon

    Wilkie Au

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    Another excellent manual of Christian spirituality, this is the work of a psychologist and priest who combines Western education and in-depth exposure to Japanese culture. Au recommends an embodied spirituality of gospel values: ``self-esteem must be balanced by self-denial; ministry by leisure; friendship by generativity; prayer by humor; and community by solitude. He also discusses decision- making, prayer, obedience, chastity, and poverty. Balance is always central to Au, whether balance of values or balance of our own effort and reliance on God; and he shows that it is is effort, rather than result, that is important.

    - Library Journal


By Way of the Heart

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