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Busy Woman's Handbook

Author(s): Mary Hartley

ISBN13: 9780859699969

ISBN10: 85969996

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • Many women go through their days with their lives permanently on hold while they just deal with this and that - just put a wash on, just write a letter, return that phone call or run to the shops. They reach the end of the day too tired to pursue their own goals - and next morning the whole process starts all over again. This book looks at the theory and practice of time management for busy women in a sympathetic, practical way. There are numerous books on the subject but these tend to have a work angle or spiritual angle - ie, how to juggle work and home demands, how to find peace. There are few books which look at the ordinary domestic/work run of the average woman, who may not be a high achiever in work but simply wants to organise her time better and enjoy her life more. This book would be differentiated by a very hands-on approach (hence handbook in the title). This book looks at not how to do more in an already crowded day, but how to use the time available in the best way - that is, how to spend time on what you want to do.
  • Mary Hartley

    Mary Hartley is a well-established Sheldon author with several books to her credit, and is an expert on personal growth and communication

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Busy Woman's Handbook