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Building Positive Relationships

Freeing Our Present from Our Past

Author(s): Len Kofler

ISBN13: 9780852314265

ISBN10: 0852314264

Publisher: Redemptorist Publications (22 May 2015)

Extent: 180 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20 x 20 x 1 cm

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  • Wherever we go we take ourselves, especially into relationships which are central to our lives. It takes time to unlearn destructive attitudes that we have learned over time, sometimes unthinkingly, and acquire new habits.


    Am I willing to invest time and energy into improving my relationships, in making sure they are fruitful and healthy? What would my future be like if I did this?


    Imagine what your life would be like if you took ten minutes a day to read this book and apply the contents to yourself. This is not a book to read through and return to the shelf: this book is a life companion to bring out the best that is in you. Keep it beside you, allow yourself to be challenged by it, take your time pondering its wisdom, and it will help you to change your life for the better.

    - Denis McBride, C.Ss.R,


    This is a challenging book but it is ultimately a hopeful one. It asks for commitment to the sometimes arduous task of becoming the kind of human being who knows how to love and how to receive love. It also invites us to face the astonishing truth that we are loved by a God whose love is almost unbearable in its intensity.

    - Professor Brian Thorne

  • Len Kofler

    Len KoHer, MHM, DD, D.Soc, PhD, is an Austrian by birth. He has been working in the field of relationships in various capacities (as lecturer, counsellor, supervisor, accredited psychotherapist) for more than forty years. He lectured at the Missionary Institute in London and in 1980 became its President. He also lectured in London University Extra-Mural Department. In 1985, he founded and became Director of the Institute of St Anselm in Kent, which is an international institute for leadership training, accredited by ASIC, with a strong emphasis on relationships. He has given courses in Zambia, Sri Lanka, India and Kenya. In 2002, a sister institute to St Anselm's was set up in Kenya, whose staff are trained in Kent. In 2000, he started the World Movement for Reconciliation (WMR). He has published several books on relationships.

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Building Positive Relationships

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