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Buddhism: History, beliefs, worship & celebrations

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  • Buddhism was founded in India about 500 BC by a prince called Siddhartha Gautama. After he achieved enlightenment, he became known as Buddha. At various times, Biddhism has been a dominant religious, cultural and social force in most of Asia. In each region, Buddhism has combined with elements of other religions, such as Hinduism and Shinto.

    Today, Buddhism has about 350 million followers. Most live in Sri Lanka, the mainland nations of South-East Asia, and Japan. There are two main groups of Buddhists - Theravada Buddhists from India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand and Mahayana Buddhists from China and Tibet.

    The underlying values explored in the book Buddhism are:
    - Respect
    - Understanding
    - Non-violence
    - Love
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Buddhism: History, beliefs, worship & celebrations

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