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Author(s): Patrick Collins

ISBN13: 9781856073561

ISBN10: 1856073564

Publisher: Columba Press

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  • Post-modern culture is like a broken mirror. Secular and religious certainties are fragmenting. All that seems to remain are jagged shards that can only reflect partial truths. In the nineteen chapters of this thought-provoking but practical book, Pat Collins reflects on a variety of contemporary issues in the light of Christian spirituality.

    There are three sections:
    Firstly, mainly psycho-spiritual reflections on such issues as intimacy, empathy, violence, envy, psychosomatic health, and boundary violations in ministry.
    Secondly, mainly spiritual reflections on topics such as popular devotion, reading and praying the scriptures, the indwelling of Christ, science and petitionary prayer, and some spiritual teachings of St Thérèse of Lisieux.
    Thirdly, reflections on evangelisation. They deal with subjects such as atheistic attitudes, Catholic evangelicals, charisms and the new evangelism, and preaching in a time of transition.

  • Patrick Collins

    Pat Collins CM belongs to the Congregation of the Mission, known as the Vincentians. He has preached in twenty-six countries, conducted parish missions, and helped to establish the Alpha Course in Ireland. Having completed an STL degree in the new evangelisation he is currently exploring how to rekindle the faith in ways that are new in ardour, method and forms of expression. He is the author of several books including the highly praised "Unveiling the Heart: How to Overcome Evil in the Christian Life" (Veritas, 1995).

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    The gem of this collection is his excellent treatment of Thérèse of Lisieux and his advocacy of her as a saint for a world racked by anxiety in the wasteland of postmodernity A book worth dipping into.

    - The Furrow

    The authors grounding in psychotherapy and insight into what it means for people to realise more of their human potential makes exciting and, sometimes, moving reading The theology expounded in this book could speak potently to seemingly hopelessly divided communities A useful and sympathetic introduction to this important strand of Christian thinking.

    - Crucible

    A splendid book Represents a renewed theology to match the enormous interest in spiritual matters today. I particularly liked the openness evident in the writing and the absence of any liberal or conservative bias. I certainly was enriched by reading this book - a book I highly recommend.

    - Spirituality

    The range of subjects is extensive In all essays Pat Collins shows both a thoughtful and original approach to his subject and the ability to write concisely and lucidly. It becomes evident in each of the essays that Collins is himself a man of much prayer and a rich spirituality, and these things both inform his discussion of the various topics and are also, on the readers part, a pre-requisite for making the best use of the very real wisdon which is contained here.

    - Church of Ireland Gazette

    A widely read thinker preoccupied with the search for new ways of living and presenting the Christian faith.

    - Books Ireland

    Accessible to the average reader in search of nourishment for prayer life, faith or Christian action. It is popular writing, but not of the pious or devotional kind It is a series of thought-provoking reflections on many topics, which the thinking believer must come to terms with In The Broken Image, the genuine seeker will again find challenge, nourishment and support towards building up a solidly-based authentic Christian spirituality for today.

    - Milltown Studies



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