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Broken Hearts & New Creations

Author(s): James Alison

ISBN13: 9780232527964

ISBN10: 0232527962


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  • - First book for four years from the UKs leading gay Catholic writer
    - Hugely popular with all lovers of lively, intelligent, critical theology

    This new book from James Alison has all the brilliance, wit and panache that have made him one of the most influential contemporary Catholic writers. Celebrated for his firm but gentle insistence on facing down current ecclesiastical teaching on homosexuality with the question, Yes, but is it true?, and his wry observations as the church flails around on gay issues, Alison is also admired and enjoyed for the freshness and verve of his interpretations of scripture, for his dazzling word play and teasing connections, surprises and reversals.

    Alison develops the implications for theology and religion of the insights of the French literary critic and philosopher Ren?® Girard, which expose the violence hidden at the heart of our culture. He shows how Girards concepts of mimetic desire and the scapegoat mechanism both confirm and transform our underst nding of Christianity.

  • James Alison

    James Alison is the author of Raising Abel and Knowing Jesus. He studied at Blackfriars, Oxford, and with the Jesuits in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has taught theology at the Universidad Catolica Boliviana and at the Instituto Pedro de Cordoba in Chile, as well as lecturing in Costa Rico and Mexico. He currently holds the T.L. James Chair of Religion at Centenary College of Louisiana.

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    Acclaim for James Alison A brilliant combination of scholarship and encounter with God in the ordinary life of the Church. Timothy Radcliffe Alison is a rich resource for gay Catholics, trying to reconcile their own deep and often profound faith with the hostility of the hierarchy. Andrew Sullivan Like all James Alisons books, almost frighteningly profound. Stanley Hauerwas A book of wit, clarity, depth and surprises.

    - Rowan Williams


Broken Hearts & New Creations

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