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Broken Faith Re-Visioning the Church in Ireland

12 Audio CD Box Set

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  • Recorded: Milltown Institute, Dublin, Ireland, April 2011?


    CD 1: Dr. Marie Keenan U.C.D.
    Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church: A Multilayered Perspective


    CD 2: John Allen National Catholic Reporter, Between Reform and Realism
    How the Sexual Abuse Crisis is (and isn't) Changing the Church


    CD 3: Bernadette Fahy
    The Myth of Dominance: Its Contribution to Broken Faith


    CD 4: Patrick McCafferty
    Broken Faith: A Cry from the Depths


    CD 5:Lynn Devo
    Revisiting Our Understanding of Being Sexual


    CD 6: Kevin Hegarty
    Irish Catholicism;The Winds of Change
    Random reflections from under the shadow of Erris Head


    CD 7: Daire Keogh St. Patrick's, Drumcondra


    CD 8: Professor Michael Cronin D.C.U.
    Fear and Loathing in the Republic: Why Hope Matters


    CD 9: Gerry O'Hanlon Jesuit Faith and Justice Centre, Dublin
    Re-building Trust: The Role of the Catholic Church in Ireland


    CD 10: Gerard Mannion University of San Diego
    An Acute Symptom of a Much Deeper Malaise: The Abuse Crisis in its Wider Ecclesioligical Context


    CD 11: Kieran O'Mahony Milltown Institute
    St Paul, mentor for a recovering Church? Gender, ethics and ministry in radical perspective


    CD 12: Geraldine Smyth Irish School of Ecumenics
    What Lies Beneath: From Purity and Power to Crisis and Kairos

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Broken Faith Re-Visioning the Church in Ireland

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