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Breaking Free of the Web: Catholic & Internet Addiction

ISBN13: 9780867168044

ISBN10: 0867168048


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  • "It is our hope that this book will offer a foundation, based on fact and faith, which will empower the reader to seek the help he or she needs. We call it a foundation because research has consistently shown that breaking free of addictive patterns or coping with the addiction of a loved one requires additional support, one that involves a network of people including professional counselors and structured groups.", From the Introduction

    Are you or a loved one addicted to the Internet? Do you sit for hours and hours in front of a computer screen, surfing the Web at the expense of your mental and emotional health? Are your addictive behaviors jeopardizing your job and putting you and your family at risk? Has your ability to socialize with others diminished? Are you ashamed and concerned about the Web sites you are visiting regularly? Do you want to stop your addictive behavior?

    Dr. Kimberly Young and Sister Patrice Klausing want to help you. Theyve written the ultimate guide for Catholics who seek to break an addiction to the Internet. With their combined clinical and spiritual expertise, the authors present methods of healing that are both therapeutically sound and rooted in faith.

    Breaking Free of the Web: Catholics and Internet Addiction includes the basic facts, information, how-to-measures and real-life scenarios about real people struggling to kick their Internet addiction, in addition to spiritual exercises and prayers that will guide Internet addicts through the difficult journey to health. Together the authors have created one of the most comprehensive books on Internet addiction available today.
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    Patrice Klausing

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Breaking Free of the Web: Catholic & Internet Addiction

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