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Born With A Bang - Book One

The Universe tells our Cosmic Story

Author(s): Jennifer Morgan

ISBN13: 9781584690320

ISBN10: 1584690321


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  • The complicated story of the earths creation with all the latest scientific discoveries put in an accessible form for children to comprehend; In this first of a trilogy, the Universe tells its own life story of chaos and creativity, science and struggle. Time after time, the Universe nearly perishes then bravely triumphs and turns itself in to new and even more spectacular forms. Eventually it turns stardust in to you. This story begins in the very beginning, and ends with the formation of the earth. The second book will tell of tiny new living things and end with giant dinosaurs. In the third book, mammals will rise and so will you. Recent discoveries about the beginning and evolution of the universe are grippingly told in a pioneering way in a new illustrated book for children. In Born With A Bang, the Universe tells the tumultuous 13-billion year story in a way that both children and adults feel their intimate participation in the story. Although astrophysics and evolutionary biology are undergoing a dramatic renaissance of discovery, many of these discoveries are not included in science textbooks.
    Born With A Bang makes these astounding discoveries accessible to teachers, parents and children.
  • Jennifer Morgan

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Born With A Bang - Book One