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Boring Bible The Book of Acts

Instant Lesson Material

Author(s): Andy Robb

ISBN13: 9781844172481

ISBN10: 1844172481


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  • Having trouble getting kids interested in the Bible? Then grab yourself a copy of the Boring Bible Instant Lesson Material and things will never be quite the same again. Each book retells 25 familiar (and some not so familiar) Bible stories in a way that will engage the kids imagination.

    Every double-page spread has a bit for you which explains the background to the featured Bible story and the passage printed in full for handy reference. On the facing page the kids get a waffle-free, Boring Bible-style retelling of the Bible story plus a cartoon to bring it to life. And to make your job of presenting the Bible even easier weve included some handy hints on to make the most of this book.So what are you waiting for? Teaching the Bible will never be boring again.

    How to use this book
    Some serving suggestions
    A lame man gets healed
    Ananias and Sapphira
    Apostles persecuted
    Stephen is killed
    Samaria receives Jesus
    The Ethiopian official
    Sauls conversion
    Peter in Lydda and Joppa
    Peter and Cornelius
    Peter in prison
    Elymas the magician
    Paul and Barnabas worshipped
    Paul and Silas in prison
    Riot in Ephesus
    Paul heads for Jerusalem
    Paul arrested
    Paul on trial
    A plot against Paul
    Paul appeals to the emperor
    Paul sets sail for Rome
    The shipwreck
    Paul in Malta
    Paul in Rome

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Boring Bible The Book of Acts

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