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Vocation: Singing the Lord's Song

Author(s): Stephen Platten

ISBN13: 9780281059621

ISBN10: 0281059624

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • This is a book which explores Christian vocation. There is particular support for those considering whether they should offer themselves as candidates for the ordained priesthood, the diaconate, or some other formal ministry. It begins with a vision of the Christian life and of Christian ministry rather than simply a technical discussion of the theological roots of ministry and vocation. It explores aspects of the theology of ministry, but it starts from experience of the world. The last book to do this in a really visionary way was Archbishop Michael Ramseys "The Christian Priest Today". That book remains a classic and is effectively irreplaceable. Some of the key elements of the context of that vision have changed in the past forty years and so the assumption behind this present book is that there is now more to be said.The book addresses ordained ministry as its main focus, though it touches on the ministry of readers and religious orders.
  • Stephen Platten

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Vocation: Singing the Lord's Song

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