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Missioners - Priest and People today

Author(s): Vincent Nichols

ISBN13: 9780954033583

ISBN10: 0954033582


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  • "We are missioners! O name, rich with the most noble and generous associations! Our work is that of the apostles...Unless he make himself into a sacrifice, as an apostle would, for the souls of his brethren, he may be a priest, but he is unworthy to call himself a missioner. A missioner is a priest, laborious, patient, not easily discouraged, ingenious by that force of ardour which the spirit of his position enkindles to meet wants as they arise."

    Bishop William Ullathorne, the first Bishop of Birmingham, spoke these words at the first Birmingham Diocesan Synod in 1853. The idea of priest as missioner is both ancient and new. Every priest understands his calling as an invitation to be a living sacrifice for God and his people.

    Throughout history there are certain themes and characteristics which are a constant in the life of the priest. The nature of his ordination, the dedication to Christ required of him, the bond of trust that exists between him and his people, the love and esteem in which he is held and the essential importance of co-operation between priest and people in the work of the Church.

    Missioners, Priest and People Today is a reflection on these enduring themes drawn from the homilies given by Archbishop Vincent Nichols over the last five years at the ordinations of priests and deacons.
  • Vincent Nichols

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Missioners - Priest and People today

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