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Gone Fishing

A Memoir

Author(s): Denis O'Callaghan

ISBN13: 9781847300935

ISBN10: 1847300936

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 139 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 14 x 1.5 x 21 cm

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  • More than a diary of day-to-day activities on stream and lake, Gone Fishing: Anecdotes of an Angler positions angling as a recreation into the context of Denis OCallaghans philosophy of life. Its pages describe the extraordinary characters met over many years, all sharing a passion for fishing and all qualified, in the words of Izaak Walton, as brothers of the angle.


    Redolent of life in and love of the countryside, this book tells stories of luck both good and bad, of glorious days and successful lands, all accounts that give Gone Fishing its memorable human touches. 

  • Denis O'Callaghan

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    MALLOWS parish priest has written a book revealing the countrys best fishing spots. Entitled Gone Fishing: Anecdotes of an Angler, by Monsignor Denis OCallaghan, the book combines his passion for fishing along with his philosophy of enjoying life to the fullest, and is available from Veritas shops. Monsignor OCallaghan is chairman of County Cork VEC, parish priest of Mallow and Vicar General of the Diocese of Cloyne.

    - Evening Echo, July 2008

    This book is exactly what is says in the sub-title - the anecdotes of an angler - if one takes `anecdotes to include musings, reflections, philosophising, professional expertise and the lore of rivers, lakes, boats and boatmen, not to mention dogs and, of course, fish. One short quote may give the flavour. `The conscientious angler will be sensitive to allowing fish to suffer. A sharp tap on the back of the head delivers the coup the grace ... for this purpose you would have the standard wooden baton stored permanently in the boat. This was traditionally called `the priest, presumably because it administered the last rites. One old fishing friend of mine, after a blank day on the lake, would remark that the priest `did not need to don the stole today. The enjoyment and delight which Denis OCallaghan got all through his life from his passion for fishing is evident - a time and an activity to refresh the spirit from the tomes and textbooks of academia in his earlier life, and an opportunity later to stand back reflectively from the myriad demands of a busy urban parish. This is re-creation in its truest and best sense. One need not be an angler to enjoy this book - its chatty and story-telling style is a relaxation in itself.

    - THE FURROW, May 2010

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Gone Fishing

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