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Book of Wonders: Daily Reflections

Author(s): Edward Hays

ISBN13: 9780939516834

ISBN10: 0939516837


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  • With over thirty books and cumulative sales of over 750,000 copies, renowned spiritual guide Edward Hays presents 366 "daily wonderments" designed to stir the imaginations of readers and help them find delight in the ordinary.

    Does it sometimes seem that the wisdom of the ages is aged?

    The Templeton Foundation recently awarded the University of Chicago nearly three million dollars to orchestrate research that answers this question: is there a new viewing of wisdom for the twenty-first century, or is there really nothing new under the sun?

    Pulling from an eclectic array of "sage instructors," best-selling author Edward Hays articulates 366 daily wonderments through such sources as Sherlock Holmes, Taoist teachers, and Mickey Mouse. Unique and poignant in equal amounts, this book of daily reflections is Ed Hays unplugged and spurs us to find delight and wonder in the ordinary.

  • Edward Hays

    Father Edward M. Hays was the author of more than thirty books on contemporary spirituality. He was the co-founder and moving spirit of Forest of Peace Publishing and founding director of Shantivanam, a Midwest center for contemplative prayer. He served as a chaplain of the state penitentiary in Lansing, Kansas, parish priest, and spiritual director. Hays spent extended periods of pilgrimage in the Near East, the Holy Land, and India while remaining a prolific writer and painter. Fr. Hays died in 2016.

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    What a gem of a book! Hays teaches us the daily grace of gratitude. His reflections open our eyes and ears to the ordinary and offer us ways to gain insights that we can carry in our heart throughout the day. Each page is a gift.

    - Anne Bryan Smollin Author of Live, Laugh, and Be Blessed

    Although we have never met, Edward Hays has been my teacher for more than twenty years. From him, I have learned that there is no line between the sacred and the secular on this earth.

    - Barbara Brown Taylor, Author of Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith

    Fr. Ed Hays is in the vanguard of spiritual writers who remind us over and over that God is in our lives, in the midst of our messy world, that Christianity is about incarnation.

    - Rich Heffern, National Catholic Reporter


Book of Wonders: Daily Reflections

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