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ISBN13: P96032

Publisher: Veritas

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    The Story of St Patrick

    The story of St Patrick, Ireland’s beloved patron saint, is brought to life in this beautifully illustrated and engaging account. Learn about Patrick’s childhood in Wales, his years spent as a slave in County Antrim, and his triumphant mission to bring the good news of God’s mercy to the people of Ireland. Explore how his simple message of love inspired all who knew him and how, even today, people follow in his footsteps by climbing to the top of Ireland’s holy mountain, Croagh Patrick. Suitable for children aged seven to eleven.


    Pope Francis: The Story of Our Pope

    This is the story of Pope Francis – his childhood in Argentina, his work as a priest and his life as pope. Although Pope Francis is a very busy man, he always has time for other people, and he especially has time for God. He teaches us how to live like Jesus by praying, by caring for others and by enjoying God’s world!


    The Story of St Brigid

    Saint Brigid is one of Ireland’s three patron saints, known throughout the world for her love of and service to the poor, the sick, the elderly, the environment and animals of all kinds. Read the fascinating story of her life and find out about the origins of the Brigid’s Cross and St Brigid’s Well in County Kildare, where she founded her most famous monastery. Suitable for children aged seven to ten.


    The Three Visitors: The Story of Knock

    On 21 August 1879, the small village of Knock in County Mayo received three unexpected visitors. By the wall of the church, a beautiful apparition of Mary, Joseph and St John the Evangelist captivated a group of local people, changing their lives and the life of this country village forever. Accompanied by charming illustrations from Barbara Croatto, children’s author Eleanor Gormally brings the familiar story of the apparition at Knock to life. This book is ideal for children aged six to eleven.


    Bernadette and the Lady of Lourdes

    Ecoutez! Now listen to the story I tell … Setting out one day to gather firewood, young Bernadette Soubirous stops to cross a stream near a grotto. Here she witnesses a beautiful vision that will change her life, and the French village of Lourdes, forever. In a series of rhyming verse, children’s author Eleanor Gormally tells the much-loved story of Bernadette and the Lady of Lourdes.

    This book is suitable for children aged four to eight and comes beautifully illustrated by Barbara Croatto.


     The Little One Asks

    One quiet morning, as the sun peeps through the small window, the little one hops into bed between Mum and Dad and asks, `Do you love me?'

    Smiling, their answer slowly unfolds...


    The Little Flower Bulb

    Helping Children Bereaved by Suicide

    The Little Flower Bulb by Eleanor Gormally tells the story of Jamie, his mum and his twin sisters, and of how Jamie comes to deal with the death of his father. Suitable for children aged 3 to 8, this beautifully illustrated book will be helpful for parents when talking to children bereaved by the suicide of a close relative.


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  • Eleanor Gormally

    Eleanor Gormally lives in County Limerick with her husband and daughter. She is also the author of The Little Flower Bulb, The Little One Asks and Bernadette and the Lady of Lourdes, all published by Veritas.


    Loki is a Leitrim-born, Dublin-based artist who graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, in 2008. She specialises in fi ne art painting.


    Splink is a Dublin-born graffi ti artist who has worked in conjunction with Loki for the past nine years.

    Ailís Travers

    Ailís Travers teaches in Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green, and lectures part time in Dublin City University. She holds a Masters Degree in Religion and Education from the Mater Dei Institute of Education, and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Boston College. Ailís has worked for Veritas in Ireland and in the USA where she provided training and support for teachers. She is the author, co-author and editor of a number of books and websites for religious education. She is also the author of a children’s book, Pope Francis: The Story of Our Pope.

    Barbara Croatto

    The Italian-born, Dublin-based illustrator Barbara Croatto has worked as a designer for more than twenty years. She has illustrated a number of Veritas titles, including The Story of St Brigid and Three Visitors: The Story of Knock. 

    Caitriona Clarke

    James Dooley

    James Dooley is a former primary school teacher with a keen interest in medieval art and the history of the early Irish church. The Story of St Patrick is his first book. 

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