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Author(s): Jones Gareth

ISBN13: 9781920691790

ISBN10: 1920691790


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  • Are scientists playing God? Are the artificial reproductive technologies helpful or hazardous?Should human embryos ever be used for research? How do we cope with people who are mentally ill? Is someone in a persistent vegetative state still alive? How should we treat those with dementia? Questions like these are all around us. They affect ordinary people, who often feel ill-equipped to respond to them. No one seems to have adequate answers. Do Christians have answers?In this book, aimed at the general reader, Professor Gareth Jones considers a range of topics ranging all the way from early embryos through to old age. While he concentrates on bioethical issues in the West, he is deeply concerned at the huge disparity in mortality and quality of life in different parts of the world. He also asks how Christians can best contribute to the discussion of bioethical issues within pluralist societies. Professor Jones is never afraid to face unpalatable issues head-on, and provide ways forward. He invites people to enter debates that we avoid at our peril.
  • Jones Gareth

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